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ABCTool v3.0 is a powerful eclipse-based modeling tool of software architecture in the whole lifecycle of the target system. So that the development, deployment, online maintenance and evolution of a component-based system can be done as a series of refinements and transformations of architectural models in a systematic and automated manner.

For each phase, ABCTool provides a view which consists of a set of diagrams for handling different concerns. ABCTool has an architecture description language, called ABC/ADL, which is similar to the classical ADLs.

The latest version of ABCTool v3.0 now is published as a freeware and anyone could download using this link:

A serial of flash video are under construction from which you can get a live tutorial.

1. Getting Started  flash

2. Start collaboration team  flash

3. Version control based collaborative design  flash

4. A Simple EJB Example(Xiang Ping)  flash

5. Architecture Centric Design Method: A Case  flash

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ABCTool is a good place to modeling your beautiful architecture.


The Software Architecture Group
Peking University, China. 2009

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