Welcome to iVCE Project

Internet-based Virtual Computing Environment (iVCE) is proposed to promote effective sharing and comprehensive utilization of the large amount resources on the Internet. It aims to provide a harmonious, trustworthy, and transparent integrated service environment over the open, dynamic and untrusted Internet for the end-users and application throuhg building an open software infrastructure on the Internet.

The whole project is divided into 7 subprojects. The are listed as follows:

1, The Model and Architecture of Internet-based Virtual Computing Environment(虚拟计算环境模型和体系结构)

2, The Model, Mechanism and Computing fundamental of Resources Aggregation (资源聚合模型,机制及其计算性质)

3, The Model, Mechanism and Computing fundamental of Coordination (协同模型,机制及其计算性质)

4, The Security and Trust Assurance System and Mechanism in iVCE (虚拟计算环境安全可用的保证体系与机制)

5, The Programming Methodology in iVCE (虚拟计算环境程序设计方法学)

6, The Experiental and Simulating Platform of iVCE (虚拟计算环境实验床与仿真平台)

7, The Demonstrating Application of iVCE (基于虚拟计算环境的示范应用)